Scientific Council

The Scientific Council is a committee of the NSV Board, established to generate initiatives and facilitate collaboration and the sharing of knowledge, skills and resources across a widely representative neuroscience community.

The Council is comprised of representatives from each of NSV’s Members, as well as scientific directors of the NSV Board.

The strategic aims of the Council are to:

  • Focus the Council to that of a strategic and operational interaction between Members, directed towards development of Melbourne as a global centre for neuroscience.
  • Identify and fast track major initiatives and maintain strong communication with government, industry and philanthropy where appropriate.
  • Provide a forum for senior management across the Victorian neuroscience cluster to identify and manage priorities and strategies for the Victorian neuroscience community.

Operational activities applied to achieve these strategic aims include:

  • Maintain an awareness of issues relevant to neuroscience across the sector, locally, interstate and internationally.
  • Identify and coordinate new program development where there is a major technology gap in Victoria and identify world-class staffing for these initiatives.
  • Support important capability areas where there is opportunity.
  • Form working groups to facilitate liaison and development of initiatives.