Australian Brain Bank Network

The Australian Brain Bank Network (ABBN) is a consortium of brain banks across Australia which

  • Facilitates scientific research into brain and mind disorders.
  • Provides a neuropathological diagnostic service.
  • Supports education for medical and allied health professionals.
  • Supports brain donor programs.

Tissue availability and access

The ABBN website provides researchers with clear and detailed information about the number and diagnostic categories of tissue available and how to access the tissue.

Tissue available includes

  • Alcoholism
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Bipolar mood disorder
  • Controls
  • Depression
  • Huntington's disease
  • Motor neurone disease
  • Neurotrauma
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Schizophrenia
  • and many other diagnostic categories.


The ABBN has optimised the collection, processing and storage of brain tissue and related samples, enabling researchers and clinicians to conduct experiments using the tissue in the areas of:

  • Genomics
  • Proteomics
  • Morphology
  • Neurochemistry
  • Histology


Ms Fairlie Hinton, Coordinator

Australian Brain Bank Network

Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health

Melbourne Brain Centre

30 Royal Parade

The University of Melbourne

Parkville Victoria 3010


T: + 61 3 8344 1900

F: + 61 3 9349 5105