Parkinson's Disease

  • Organised group of clinical specialists in movement disorders
  • Phenotyped Patient registry
  • PD brain bank
  • Clinical Research Programs
    1. Bio markers of PD
    2. Genetic studies
    3. Spect/PET Imaging in PD
    4. pain in PD
    5. Progressive Supranuclear Palsy
    6. Lewy Body Dementia
    7. Lymphocyte lines from PD subjects
    8. Frataxin and PD
  • Stem cell biology: reconstruction of the nigrostriatal pathway with cell based therapies and studies in axon guidance
  • Neuroprotection: characterisation of differentiation factors in mouse models
  • Rodent models (D2KO, aSN overexpression, proteosome inhibitors, glutathione inhibitors, 6-OHDA, MPTP)