NSV is very pleased to be working with the Victorian Government to assist the Department of Health in administering the Mental Illness Research Fund. This is a $10million initiative over 4 years aimed at supporting collaborative research targeting better outcomes for Victorians with mental illness and their families/ carers. Such initiatives are critical for the development of new knowledge across Victoria’s research, treatment and support sectors which can be applied to improve treatment and recovery outcomes for people with mental illness.

NSV continues to be successful in generating partnerships and licensing activities for our Members with both the private and public sectors. NSV is particularly well placed to facilitate major cross-institute, multi-disciplinary programs. Major initiatives in sports injury, computational neuroscience, imaging and psychiatric illness are underway. NSV is also increasing its focus on marketing the neuroscience cluster through expert delegations to Asia, particularly Japan and India. It is clear from these initiatives that Melbourne has the critical mass and scientific leadership to justify its position at the forefront of neuroscience.